We offer a comprehensive, well-planned, progressive gymnastics program for students at all levels. As our students attempt new challenges each class, we pride ourselves in helping them develop a stronger and more positive belief in themselves. Beginning through advanced levels of instructional gymnastics. We offer Bring a friend day!  For more information go to

This popular hobby has won its rights to being called a sport. We have born to compete staff that will focus on the girls motor abilities to learn and grow as a team. We Provide a safe and positive environment for individu­als to develop themselves physically, mentally, emotion­ally, and morally through cheerleading. 

We know how important it is for you to enjoy your experience in a safe environment, whether as a dancer or for fitness. We provide a rich, fun, challenging, and diverse dance​ environment for all our athletes. We teach the ability to express dance movements freely and we aim to inspire each to dance the best they can while having fun & keeping fit. Every dancer's body, abilities and level of commitment is different. Through the study of dance athletes will develop creativity which will excite the mind, move the spirit, and awaken dreams.